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Exposing invisible blocks

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I would be honored to have you as a speaker on the Exposing Invisible Blocks summit series!

I would love for you to share your insights, wisdom and knowledge on the success you have accomplished in your industry.

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Our goal is to make this a simple process for you - we value you and your time - follow these steps and you are all set.....

Fill in the speaker info form

If you are willing to accept the invite, you can fill out the speaker info form that has more details about the summit and how we can highlight you on the summit

Schedule your interview

Once the speaker info form is completed, you will receive a calendar link to schedule the interview - select a time that works best for you

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Share the summit with your audience

Once the summit is scheduled to go live, share it with your audience to help them learn from your success. They'll thank you - all speakers are required to send 2-3 promo emails to their active list

Grow your tribe exponentially


Vaishali Nikhade transitioned from a left brain Engineer to a right brained intuitive. Her mission is to bridge the gap between physics and meta-physics....

Here's a few testimonials from some of my reading clients .....

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Get rewarded as a speaker
  • Free access to audience to attend live
  • 50% commissions to the VIP pass

  • Build your list - all speakers can build their list by giving away a free gift
  • More opportunities to work with your ideal audience

Not only will you be seen as an influencer by your own audience, other speaker's audience will also see your brilliance and reach out to you - all this for no extra cost to you. This is your opportunity to shine and attract your ideal clients.

It will be good forever

The summit will be ongoing forever using a special feature called the 'Ever-summit' inside the summit platform.

This means that you'll get publicity, exposure and leads on going FOREVER.....It'll be the most powerful and rewarding summit you speak on...

Collaborative marketing strategy


Everyone gives & everyone wins....

On our Virtual Summits we look for first and foremost to make sure the audiences gets the most value! Speakers provide incredible insights and wisdom that helps the audience grow & succeed.

But I also make sure that it's a HUGE win for EACH Speaker as well. I would like to give you some valuable resources & opportunities and the ability to grow your list.

In return we ask that EACH speaker agrees to send a couple of emails to their list! When we ALL do this, everyone gets access to new & more followers/leads, and everyone WINS! On average our speakers see an increase of 1,000 - 5,000 new (engaged & qualified) leads when speaking on our summits.

But this is only possible because EVERY speaker promotes.

So here is what I am asking of you
as one of our Summit Speaker

  • 2-3 Emails To Your list: these are not sales, and they will highlight your talk & make you look awesome to your tribe.
  • 3-4 Social Posts: We will provide you with EVERYTHING and ensure you look like the influencer!!

HI, I am Vaishali Nikhade and I would be thrilled and honored to have you as a speaker on my summit!

Although I worked as an Engineer designing computer chips, I transitioned to studying spirituality and how energy and fate works!

It turns out that science is the connection between the spiritual and the physical world and quantum physics comes into play while doing predictions in what will happen in real life.

I started connecting the dots between how things play out in real life based on my experiences of reading thousands of clients.

I started seeing patterns in clients - patterns of success, failure, tantrums and comfort levels.

Essentially, some of the clients were stuck in a rut............

Why this summit

I decided to use this summit as a platform to bring awareness to people in a kind, gentle and compassionate manner.

All of us have blind spots and the summit will highlight how to bring these to the forefront to take the next step and move forward.

This summit will encompass experts with all kinds of expertise ranging from past life, energy healers, therapists, counselors, marketers, business advisors, entrepreneurs and so on....

I hope you'll join me as a speaker on this summit where I'll do my best to highlight your expertise and let viewers connect the dots between your area of expertise and the next step for the viewer.

My number one priority is to make sure this summit is a win for you and your tribe. I look forward to working with you as one of my guest speakers!

I'm committed to making this a BIG WIN for you.....

Our summit goals

Unique visitors
LIVE participants
Potential leads
Happy speakers
Your effort will live on forever

With the ever-summit feature, we plan to drive traffic to this ongoing forever. So, you will reap the rewards for your speaking appearance forever......You'll continue to get steady stream of leads forever....


Will You Be There?


Your success is my priority

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions

Vaishali Nikhade

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